Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our Summer Highlights: Camp

This summer marks George’s first voyage into the realm of summer camp. Following a very bumpy year in kindergarten I was determined to make his first official summer one to remember. After an exhaustive search for a camp that could accommodate the special needs of my speech and language delayed five year old I found a perfect match at the 92nd Street Y. The entrance interview lifted a weight off my shoulders. Our visit to their Rockland County campgrounds had us floating on Cloud 9. A few weeks later George and I would meet his camp counselor Keren – she was the icing on the cake.

The first day of camp seems like it was yesterday, but here we are seven weeks later already counting down the days to Summer 2007. It was a wonderful experience for George and I. Every morning he woke up and announced excitedly “time for camp”. Remote were George’s lukewarm morning mumbles of “time to go to school”. Every morning, after I dropped him off, I trekked peacefully to work unconcerned about what type of day he would have. Unlike the nerve racking mornings and afternoons of the past school year. At days end I couldn’t wait to read Keren’s daily communication journal entry about what he had done that day. Everyday it read of a myriad of art, music and nature explorations otherwise unlikey.The journal was an enormous help considering George’s limited language ability. To top it off you could tell that Keren truly enjoyed her day with George and clearly he felt the same. George is more than a handful but Keren seemed to really get George and all of his unpredictable ways. She got to know the sweet, funny, loving and affectionate character that I know.

His father and I (both deprived of the camp experience) agreed that this has been the best social experience of his life thus far (and having a smart and pretty girl like Keren to help facilitate the day didn’t hurt either).

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