Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me ( and Big George too)

So BIG GEORGE and I celebrated our birthdays in October. (If you haven't been formally introduced to BIG GEORGE- he is little george's dad). And if it is October that must mean that we have taken another trip to Universal Studios and Disney World (which is fast becoming an annual ritual for us). In an attempt to keep it short & sweet here are a few photos and highlights from the trip:
*weather was georgous.
*our access to theRoyal Pacific Resort Club Room was EXCELLECT and well worth the $$$.
* Finally took a ride on The Hulk at Islands of Adventure - wild.
*'Climbed' Everest at Animal Kingdom (twice) - great fun.
*Went to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party - Always a good time but if you've done it once you don't need to do it twice. Atleast not for a long while.
*Rode Dr. Suess's Train Trolley (New at Islands of Adventure) - a leisurely ride.
* Checked Out Turtle Talk with Crush from Finding Nemo at Epoct - It was Awesome Dude, Way Cool.
*Had and Excellent Buffet Dinner at Boma: an Animal Kingdom Resort Resturant. They gave GEORGE and I Happy BirthdayCookies (see photo).
* Had a few excellent dinners at the Royal Pacific Resorts bottom floor resturant. They have the coolest room for kids to play in while you have dinner. Kids Buffet sucks - Pick from the regular kids menu.
* Became highly addicted to Disney Pin Trading - Stay away if only for the sakeof your wallet.
*Recieved an abbreivated, impromptu tour of a Savanah Room at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are real live animals right outside of these rooms, the lobby area is gorgeous. We are planning to stay there for two days on our next trip.
* This trip we stayed at Disney's All Star Sports budget resort. Excellect for the money and if you have kids. Our preffered accommodation is Disney's Port Orlean Riverside.
and saving the best for last - i truly enjoyed watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom with GEORGE, george, and my two nephews "the jordan's". They were really into it and it was, for me, really special.

Ok that's it, So much for short and sweet.

Halloween Pics Coming Soon.

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